SPA I Daily Agenda
Friday 5/13/2016
el 13 de mayo


-ch 11 Study Guide & Test

-check off all ch. 11 EX CRD


Thursday 5/12/2016
el 12 de mayo


-ch 11 Study Guides (attatched)

Due Tomorrow 20 min. into the period before ch. 11 Test


Downloads: repaso_ch11 (1).doc
Wednesday 5/11/2016
el 11 de mayo


-p. 330 Conversacion

-p. 332 Lectura Cultural

                 Follow conversation/cultural reading procedure for class


Tuesday 5/10/2016
el 10 de mayo


-p. 329 B- Verbs & translation



Monday 5/9/2016
el 9 de mayo


- Saber vs. Conocer video lesson

-p. 328 Practica A-verbalmente en parejas

- Pkt. I & J


Friday 5/6/2016
el 6 de mayo


-Self-grade pkt. 

-Communicative Activity

-Family Nouns videos


Thursday 5/5/2016
el 5 de mayo


-Present Progressive Practica A & B

-Pres/ Prog. wksht

-Pkt. E, F, G


Wednesday 5/4/2016
el 4 de mayo


-Pkt. A, B, C

-Go Verbs review game 

-Go Verbs Quiz

-Present Progressive Notes


Tuesday 5/3/2016
el 3 de mayo



Go Verbs review video lesson

-Pkt. A

-p. 326 A- verbs & translation

-Go Verbs QUIZ : tomorrow 

Monday 5/2/2016
el 29 de abril & 2 de mayo


Cultural dvd-no make-ups

Thursday 4/28/2016
el 28 de abril


-Go Verbs Ppt (attatched) & notes

-p. 324 A-verbalmente en parejas

-Irregular Yo forms wksht 

           -ON BACK OF SHEET, make verb charts for : Hacer, Salir, Traer & Venir


Downloads: bv1ch11_goverbs ppt1.ppt
Tuesday 4/26/2016
el 26 & 27 de abril


For block classes on T & W:


-Pkt. Palabras 2

- ch. 11 Voc. quiz


Monday 4/25/2016
el 25 de abril


-Hangman Vocab. review game in pairs with example sentences

-Ch. 11 Vocab. quiz T or W- block schedule day



Thursday 4/21/2016
el 21 de abril


-ch. 11 Pkt. : palabras 1-A-D

-check off & self-grade


Tuesday 4/19/2016
el 19 & 20 de abril


April 19 & 20 

-Present Palabras 1 , ch 11

-A -C verbally in pairs

-D on a half sheet

-Magic Squares


Monday 4/18/2016
el 18 de abril


-Cultural Documentary, no make-up


Thursday 4/14/2016
el 14 de abril


- Ch 8 Test

-Check off all ex. crd. 

-Turn in completed study guides (not back of last page)



Wednesday 4/13/2016
el 13 de abril

-p. 248 " La farmacia" Cultural Reading

       -Leer 2x,

       - Show your work: copy & define 3-5 terms to assist in your personal comprehension

       -Answer in complete sentences the questions

-Check of Review Guide: complteded through IV. La Lectura A

-Ted Talk on the Habbits of Happiness

-Jeopardy Review Game for tomorrow's ch. 8 Test

-All extra credit due day of test

Tuesday 4/12/2016
el 12 de abril


-p. 248 " La farmacia" Cultural Reading

       -Leer 2x,

       - Show your work: copy & define 3-5 terms to assist in your personal comprehension

       -Answer in complete sentences the questions

-Check of Review Guide: complteded through IV. La Lectura A

-Ted Talk on the Habbits of Happiness

-Jeopardy Review Game for tomorrow's ch. 8 Test

-All extra credit due day of test

Monday 4/11/2016
el 11 de abril


- Lectura cultural p. 246 

-Review Guide 

   Due end of two hour block day

-ch. 8 Test- THURS.


Downloads: repaso_ch8 (1).doc
Friday 4/8/2016
el 8 de abril


-Me, te, nos notes page (get from What Did I Miss Folder)

- p. 242 B on 1/2 sheet

-p. 244 Conversation: leer 2x, Show your Work: Copy & define 3-5 terms, answer comprehension questions in complete sentences


Thursday 4/7/2016
el 7 de abril

-Me, Te, Nos object pronoun presentation p. 241

-Pkt C

-Verbal acts. A



Wednesday 4/6/2016
el 6 de abril


-Ser & Estar Graphic Org. & sentence slips

-Pkt. B & check off

-Ex. Crd. -recitation of Ser & Estar Poem given yesterday

-QUIZ moved to tomorrow due to shortened schedule


Tuesday 4/5/2016
el 5 de abril



- p. 239 Origin & location Practica A & B

-P. 214 E-Fill in blanks

-Ser & Estar Poem EX CRD for tomorrow's quiz



Downloads: el_poema_con_ser_y_estar.pdf
Monday 4/4/2016
el 4 de abril


-Argentina Documentary 


Friday 4/1/2016
el 1 de abril


-p. 238 E-verbs & translation

               (ser conjugations pg. 52, estar conjugations p. 110)



Thursday 3/31/2016
el 31 de marzo


-Ser & Estar Presentation p. 236

-Practica verbal: p.236/7 A & C

-Pkt. A


Wednesday 3/30/2016
el 30 de marzo


- Finish & turn in ch. 8 crosswords

-Bingo ch. 8 Review game

-ch. 8 vocab. QUIZ


Tuesday 3/29/2016
el 29 de marzo


-Review Palabras 2 Vocab. Notes page

-Pkt. Palabras 2 D,E,F,G

-Crossword ch. 8

-Ch. 8 Vocab. Quiz -TOMORROW


Downloads: ch8_vocab_crossword.doc
Monday 3/28/2016
el 28 de marzo


-Palabras 2 Vocab. presentation

-Practica verbal A & B

- Palabras 2 Notes Page (attatched)


Downloads: hoja_de_vocab._consultario.docx
Thursday 3/24/2016
el 24 de marzo


-Self-grade Pkt. A-C

-Palabras 1 ch. 8 Word Scramble (attatched)

Downloads: palabra_mezcla.docx
Wednesday 3/23/2016
el 23 de marzo


-Finish Palabras 1 practica verbal C & D p. 229

-Vocab. notes sheet from yesterday-fill in last 3 verb charts (bring with you daily)

- Magic Squares (attatched) 

- Pkt. Palabras 1 A-C

Downloads: magic squares ch 8 estas enfermo.pdf
Tuesday 3/22/2016
el 22 de marzi


- ch 8 Palabras 1 vocab. presentation pgs. 228-229

-Practica A & B verbalmente en parejas

- Vocab. notes sheet (attatched)

Downloads: bv1ch8_translations_with_idopns1.doc
Monday 3/21/2016
el 21 de marzo


- p. 254 Ch. 8 Voc. list

               check off today



Friday 3/11/2016
el 11 de marzo


-ch. 7 Test

-Check off all ch. 7 EX. CRD


Thursday 3/10/2016
el 10 de marzo


-Complete ch. 7 Review guides & turn in

-ch. 7 Test moved to tomorrow


Wednesday 3/9/2016
el 9 de marzo


- p. 211 cultural reading "El Jai Alai"

-Study Guide complete through 4.5 pages

-Ch. 7 Cumulative Test tomorrow

-All Ex. Crd. due then


Tuesday 3/8/2016
el 8 de marzo


Spain dvd-no make-up


Monday 3/7/2016
el 7 de marzo


-p. 210 : "Deportes Populares"

-ch. 7 Study review guide pgs. 1-3 (attched)


Downloads: repaso_ch7.doc
Friday 3/4/2016
el 4 de marzo


- p. 208-209 Lectura cultural: El Futbol, write out all activities

-Finish last Un poco mas activity & autobiografia- 8 sents. min. in PKT & TURN IN 

-ch. 7 cumulative test- THURSDAY, el 10 de marzo, all ex. cred. due then 


Thursday 3/3/2016
el 3 de marzo


- Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes Song

-Quiz on Gustar, Aburrir, Interesar

-p. 206 Conversacion: Quieres Jugar?

-Pkt. Un poco mas: A-E


Wednesday 3/2/2016
el 2 de marzo


- Gustar verbs wksht

- Gustar verbs notes 

-Self-grade pkt H, I, J, K, L, M

-Gustar Verbs quiz tomorrow


Tuesday 3/1/2016
el 1 de marzo


- p. 203 Aburrir & Interesar

-p. 204 A-D: absentees answer in complete sentences

-pkt. H, I, J 

-check off Pkt. activities from today and yesterday H-L


Monday 2/29/2016
el 29 de feb


- Late Stem Changing vebs Poster presentations


Thursday 2/25/2016
el 25 de feb


-Communicative Activity (get from folder upon return)

-Class work time for presenations tomorrow


Wednesday 2/24/2016
el 24 de feb


- Gustar wksht (attatched)

- p. 205 G

-Class time to work on Stem Changing Verbs Poster Project: DUE FRIDAY


Tuesday 2/23/2016
el 23 de feb


-Gustar video & guided notes

Guided notes:

Gustar: Asking & telling what you like to do.


1. What is used to convey “I like” in Spanish? Me gusta

2. How does one say they like doing more than one activity?

Me gust inf. verb, inf. verb & inf. verb.

3. How do you ask someone if they like to do an activity?

Me gusta cantar y dibujar.

4. How does one say they don’t like to do something?

No me gusta + inf. verb.


Write sentences telling you like to do each of the following activities.

1. cantar-

2. trabajar

3. escribir-

4. estudiar-

Write a sentence telling you don’t like to do the following activities.

5. bailar-

6. leer-

7. hablar-

8. jugar-

Ask your friend if they like to:

9. cantar- ¿              ?          10. bailar- ¿             ?                     

11. estudiar-¿                      ?


-Class time to work on text for Stem Changing Verbs Posters


Monday 2/22/2016
el 22 de feb


- Quiero pero no puedo wksht (attatched)

-Return e to ie quizzes

-Class work time for Friday's presentations


Downloads: quiero pero no puedo wksht.docx
Friday 2/19/2016
el 19 de feb


1) p. 202 C-verbs & translation

2) La Camisa Negra Song & Lyrics (attatched)


3) Poster rubric for stem changing verbs: DUE FRIDAY, Feb. 26th

Downloads: la camisa negra.docx
Thursday 2/18/2016
el 18 de feb


- O to UE stem changing verbs video & notes (see guided notes attatchment)

-Practica p. 201 A & B


Downloads: video notes for o to ue stem changing verbs.docx
Wednesday 2/17/2016
el 17 de feb


- Self-grade pkt. A-D

-whiteboard review for quiz

-E to IE stem changing verbs quiz



Tuesday 2/16/2016
el 16 de feb


-Cultural video, no make-up

-Study for tomorrow's e to ie stem changing verbs quiz


Thursday 2/11/2016
el 11 de feb


-Quiz postponed until Tuesday (E to IE stem changing verbs)

-Valentine's Cards 


Wednesday 2/10/2016
el 10 de feb


-Pkt A-D

-Dice Game, absentees complete independently & turn in

-Study for quiz tomorrow on e to ie stem changers

-bring craft supplies tomorrow for valentine's cards


Tuesday 2/9/2016
el 9 de feb


-Stem Changing verb notes (absentees obtain from p. 198

-Practica A,,B,C-answer in comp. sents.

-P. 200 D-verbs in SPA, translation into ENG

** Bring craft materials for Valentine's cards on Thursday-scissors, glue/sticks, stickers, stencils, glitter glue, etc...



Monday 2/8/2016
el 8 de feb


-Spain documentary, no make-up


** Bring craft materials for Valentine's cards on Thursday-scissors, glue/sticks, stickers, stencils, glitter glue, etc...

Friday 2/5/2016
el 5 de feb


-Querer video lesson & notes



Thursday 2/4/2016
el 4 de feb


-self-grade pkt. Palabras 2

- Ch. 7 Vocab. Quiz



Wednesday 2/3/2016
el 3 feb


-Pkt. E, F, G

-Hangman review game for tomorrow's quiz



Tuesday 2/2/2016
el 2 de feb


-self-grade Pkt. Palabras 1

-Present Palabras 2 & practica A-C

-Magic Squares (attatched)

-Study for Friday's vocab. quiz

Downloads: bv1ch7_magicsq_deportes1.pdf
Monday 2/1/2016
el 1 de febrero


-Review Palabras 1 presentation pages

- Ch. 7 Pkt. A-D: check off & self-grade

-p. 193 B- 1/2 hoja de papel



Friday 1/29/2016
el 29 de enero


- Present Palabras 1 of ch. 7 

-p. 192 A

-Magic Squares (attatched)

Downloads: bv1ch7_magicsq_deportes21.pdf
Thursday 1/28/2016
el 28 de enero


- Ch. 7 Vocab. list p. 216


Wednesday 1/27/2016
el 27 de enero


-Ch 6 Test

-Check off all EX CRD


Tuesday 1/26/2016
el 26 de enero


- Self-grade Pkt. F-I

-p. 176 conversacion: Tienes una hermana

                       -answer in complete sentences

-p. 178  Lectura Cultural: La Familia Hispana 

                      - answer in complete sentences

** Extra Credit for ch. 6 due tomorrow after TEST


Monday 1/25/2016
el 25 de enero


Mandarin lesson with Mrs. Ni on Chinese New Year



Friday 1/22/2016
el 22 de enero


-Pkt. F, G, H, I independently & check off with me



Thursday 1/21/2016
el 21 de enero


-Possessive Adjectives lesson: videos & notes



Wednesday 1/20/2016
el 20 de enero


- Communicative Activity (attatched)

-Pkt. A-E, check off by me before end of class


Downloads: bv1ch6_comunicative_activity_4_que_vas_a_hacer.doc
Tuesday 1/19/2016
el 19 de enero


p. 171 - "Tener que" & "ir a"

A & B -verbalemente en parjeas



Friday 1/15/2016
el 15 de enero


-p. 168-9 A, C, D-verbal pairs

-p. 170 E- Verbs & translation: complete 12 verbs forms with tener.  Translate entire activity.

-Turn in make-up Family Collages


Thursday 1/14/2016
el 14 de enero


-Fantasy Family Collage (see attatchment)

Downloads: fantasy family collage.docx
Wednesday 1/13/2016
el 13 de enero


-Asking & telling age verbal activity

-Pkt. Palabras 2


Tuesday 1/12/2016
el 12 de enero


- Ch. 6 Vocab. quiz

-Tener video lesson & note's questions (see attatched)


Downloads: tener video lesson questions.docx
Monday 1/11/2016
el 11 de enero


The website was down all last week.  Those dates will not be updated, please see me with any questions about make-up work.

-Loteria for tomorrow's vocab. quiz on ch. 6




Monday 1/4/2016
4 de enero


-ch 6 vocab. list, pg. 186-number, copy & define all terms



Wednesday 12/16/2015
el 16 de dic


-Finish ch. 5 STudy Guide & get checked off

-Goal movie


Tuesday 12/15/2015
el 15 de dic

-Finish 2nd half of ch. 5 study guide

               Check of pgs. 5-8 today



Thurs.-Hours 1,3,5



Monday 12/14/2015
el 14 de dic

-ch 5 STudy Guide (attatched)

               check off pgs. 1-4 today

Downloads: repaso ch 5.doc
Friday 12/11/2015
el 11 de dic


-p. 150 "Las horas para comer": leer 2x, "Show your work", answer questions in complete sentences


Wednesday 12/9/2015
el 9 de dic


- p. 144 B -verbs in Spanish, translate entire paragraph to English

- ER & IR verbs quiz



Tuesday 12/8/2015
el 8 de dic


-Review ER & IR Ppt from yesterday (see agenda for attatchment &/or p. 142)

-Pkt. Estrucutra A, B, C

-ER & IR verbs Dice Game (attatched) -absentees please play on your own & submit complete


Downloads: dice_game_er_and_ir_verbs.doc
Monday 12/7/2015
el 7 de dic


1. notes on ER & IR verbs (Ppt attatched/ or copy verb charts p. 142)

2. p. 143 A- read conversation & answer in complete sentences



Downloads: er ir verbs ppt.ppt
Friday 12/4/2015
el 4 de dic


- Mi menu mini project (requirements on attatched Word document)

-ch. 5 Voc. quiz 

Downloads: mi menu mini project.html
Thursday 12/3/2015
el 3 de dic


-Pkt. Palabras 2

       check off 20 after bell

-Loteria review game for tomorrow's vocab. quiz on ch. 5



Wednesday 12/2/2015
2 de dic


-Self-grade pkt. Palabras 1

-Present Palabras 2 Vocab. p. 138-139

-Practica verbal A, B, C, D- 1/2 sheet, copy & complete

-Study for Friday's ch. 5 voc. quiz

Tuesday 12/1/2015
el 1 de dic


1. ch. 5 Pkt. Palabras 1 A, B, C-check off in class.

2. Word search

3. Formative Assessment

4. Study for ch. 5 voc. quiz this Fri.



Monday 11/30/2015
el 30 de nov

- Gol documentary- no make-up

Tuesday 11/24/2015
el 24 de nov

-Palabras 1 ch. 5 verbal book acts.

Monday 11/23/2015
el 23 de nov


- Finish ch. 5 voc. lists & check off

- Present Palabras 1 vocab.

                    "En el cafe" Ppt & guided notes (both attatched)

Downloads: ppt en el cafe palbras 1.pptx | ppt guided notes en el cafe palabras 1.docx
Friday 11/20/2015
el 20 de nov


1. Ch. 4 Test

2. Check off all ch 4 EX CRD

3. Start ch 5 voc. list on pg. 156: Copy, define & number all terms, to be finished Monday in class within the first 20 min.



Thursday 11/19/2015
el 19 de nov


-Complete ch 4 Study Guide

-Ch. 4 Test tomorrow, all ex. cred. due 



Wednesday 11/18/2015
el 18 de nov


- Lectura cultural: Escuelas del mundo hispano" p. 116-117

- Ch. 4 Test Review Guide (attatched)

                -Chose odds or evens to complete (except section D & the essay)

-ch. 4 Test this Friday, all extra credit due then for students present.




Tuesday 11/17/2015
el 17 de nov


-Guided notes questions from p. 112 (see attatchment)

-p. 113 Practica

-Pkt. H



Downloads: al & del guided notes questions p 112.docx
Monday 11/16/2015
el 16 de nov


-Finish El Pelotero documentary



Friday 11/13/2015
el 13 de nov



-Ir, Dar, Estar presentation & verbal acts.

-1/2 sheet formal assessment

-Adonde vas communicative activity




Thursday 11/12/2015
el 10 de nov


- p. 108 D verbs & translation




Thursday 11/12/2015
el 12 de nov


- Pkt. A, B, C

- AR verbs review game

-AR verbs QUIZ- make-ups WED AT LUNCH

-Notes on Ir, Dar, Estar


Thursday 11/12/2015
el 12 de nov


- AR Verbs quiz

-Ir, Dar, Estar notes



Monday 11/9/2015
el 9 de nov


-Plural AR verbs video tutorials

-AR verbs table (see attatched)


Downloads: ar verbs table.pdf
Friday 11/6/2015
el 6 de nov


-Self-grade pkt

-ch. 4 voc quiz

-p 106-107 AR plural verb forms A-B on 1/2 sheet

Thursday 11/5/2015
el 5 de oct


-Pkt. Palabras 2 : C, D, E, F- que, quien, como, donde

-Bingo Review Game

-ch. 4 Vocab. quiz tomorrow




Wednesday 11/4/2015
el 4 de nov


-self-grade pkt. Palabras 1

- Palabras 2 vocab. presentation & practica verbal pg. 104 A, B, C

-Crucigrama "En la escuela" (get from What Did I MIss Folder"

Tuesday 11/3/2015
el 3 de nov


- Palabras 1 ch. 4 Ppt & guided notes (see attatchments)

- Ch. 4 Pkt. A & B 

- Word search (get from What Did I Miss Folder)

Downloads: guided notes for llegar a la escuela ppt.docx | ppt llegar a la escuela palabras 1 bv 1 ch 4.pptx
Monday 11/2/2015
el 2 de nov


- ch. 4 Palabras 1 verbal presentation pgs. 98-99

-Palabras 1 Verbal activities: A & B 

-p. 101 C -1/2 hoja de papel, fill in blanks



Friday 10/30/2015
el 30 de oct


- La Lorona legend analysis

-La Llorona song & lyrics completion

Thursday 10/29/2015
el 29 de oct


- Personal maps of Latin America

-Check off EXTRA extra credit


Wednesday 10/28/2015
el 28 de oct


- ch 4 voc. list p. 124

            full heading, numbers, textbook definitions


Tuesday 10/27/2015
el 27 de oct


- Ch. 3 Test

-check off all ch. 3 EX CRD

-turn in crosswords from yesterday



Monday 10/26/2015
el 26 de oct


- Finish & TURN IN ch. 3 Review Guide 

-ch. 3 Cumulative word search (see attatchment)

-Ch. 3 Test tomorrow, all EX CRD due then, must be present to turn in EX CRD



Downloads: cumulative ch. 3 las compras para la escuela.pdf
Friday 10/23/2015
el 23 de oct


-ch. 3 review packet

-Have pgs 1-3 complete by Monday, finish the remainder in class Monday & turn in

-Ch. 3 TEST, Tuesday, the 27

           ALL EX CRD due day of test



Thursday 10/22/2015
el 22 de oct


-Turn in ch. 3 workbook packets

- p.86 Cultural reading: "Un alumno madrileno" - read 2x, Show your work: copy/define 3-5 unknown terms to assist you in your                      comprehension, A-answer in complete sentences, B- 1-2 word answers, C- explain in complete sentences

- ch. 3 Review Guide pkt.



Wednesday 10/21/2015
el 21 de oct


- AR verbs drill review

-AR verbs QUIZ (make-ups WEDNESDAY at LUNCH)

-p. 84 conversacion- read 2x, Show your work: copy/define 3-5 terms you looked up, answer questions in complete sentences





Tuesday 10/20/2015
el 20 de oct



- p. 83 Tu vs. Ud.

        read explanation, 

      A- verbally

-Pkt. Estructura A, B, C

** AR verbs quiz tomorrow


Monday 10/19/2015
el 19 de oct



- AR verbs flashcards

-p 82 E- 12 verbs in SPA, entire activity into ENG


-AR verbs QUIZ: Wed., el 21 de oct.



Friday 10/9/2015
el 09 de oct



- p. 81 B & C verbalmente, en parejas

-whiteboards practice with AR verb forms

-Pasen bien las vacaciones!



Thursday 10/8/2015
el 8 de oct


-Ch. 3 voc. quiz

-AR verbs lesson: Ppt & guided notes (see links)

-p. 79 A & B



Downloads: ar singular verbs ppt.pptx | ar singular verbs guided notes.docx
Wednesday 10/7/2015
el 7 de oct


- Numbers wkst

-ch. 3 vocab. review game 

-ch. 3 Voc. quiz tomorrow


Tuesday 10/6/2015
el 6 de oct

- Magic Squares (attatched)

-Pkt. Palabras 2- D,E,F,G

Downloads: ch 3 magic squares la ropa y los colores.pdf
Monday 10/5/2015
el 5 de oct

-Palabras 2 Vocabulary Presentation (Ppt attatched) & guided notes (attatched)

-Practica Verbal p. 76-77 A & B

-Ch. 3 Vocab. Quiz moved to Thursday

Downloads: la ropa ppt palabras 2 ch 3.pptx | la ropa palabras 2 ch. 3 guided notes.docx
Friday 10/2/2015
el 2 de oct

-No make-up

"Lost in Yonkers" in school play

Thursday 10/1/2015
el primero de oct


-Magic Squares "los materiales escolares" (attatched)

-ch. 3 Pkt- A,B,C

-Word search " los materiales escolares" ( get from "What Did I Miss" folder)

- Ch. 3 Vocab. QUIZ- Tues, oct. 6

Downloads: ch 3 magic squares las compras para la escuela.pdf
Wednesday 9/30/2015
el 30 de sept

- ch. 3 Palabras 1 (pgs. 72-73 ) vocabulary presentation

-Las preguntas del dia sheet- fill in 3 questions of the day

-Verbal practica pgs. 74-75 A-D 

Tuesday 9/29/2015
el 29 de sept

-Ch. 3 Vocabulary List p. 94

             All terms copied, numbered & defined

Monday 9/28/2015
el 28

-Mandarin cultural/language lesson with Mrs. Ni (no make-up)

Friday 9/25/2015
el 25 de sept


-Turn in ch. 2 Pkts. 

-Ch. 2 Test

-Check off all ch 2 EX. CRD- must be present for test to turn in EX. CRD



Thursday 9/24/2015
el 24 de sept


-Cultural reading- pgs. 64-65 Conexiones: La sociologia

              A- list 8 cognates (words that look/sound the same in both languages- arte, profesor, lengua, etc...)

             B- Copy phrases & copy matched answers

             C- optional, challenge question

- Ch 2 Pkt. 

-Complete all remaining activities

          **Autiobiografia 6 complete sentences min.

Wednesday 9/23/2015
el 23 de sept

- Marias schedule wksht (attatched)

- Cultural reading "El espanol en los Estados Unidos" p. 60-61

                                -see Cultural Reading Procedure (attatched)

Downloads: marias_schedule (1).doc | cultural reading procedure.docx
Tuesday 9/22/2015
el 22 de sept



-Time worksheet (attatched)

-A que hora video tutorial

-p. 58 Conversation- Read 2x, Show your work-copy & define 3-5 unknown terms from conversation, answer questions in complete sentences

-ch. 2 Pkt. due Thursday

-Ch. 2 TEST on Friday, all extra credit due at that time-must be present to turn in EX. CRD




Downloads: it's time to practice.doc
Monday 9/21/2015
el 21 de sept

-Ser wksht

-Review numbers p. 47 

-Telling time video tutuorial

- Telling time practice    

- Practica p. 57

Friday 9/18/2015
el 18 de sept

-p.53 A,B,C Verbalmente

-Ser Wksht (see attatched)

-Pkt. C,D,E

Thursday 9/17/2015
el 17 de sept

- Adjs. wksht (attatched)

-Ser Ppt (attatched) & notes

Downloads: ser ppt.ppt | adjectives_wksht1.pdf
Wednesday 9/16/2015
el 16 de sept

-ch 2 voc quiz

-read pg. 50 and fill in guided notes paper (see attatched)

-p. 49 ABC

-Pkt. Estructura A & B

Downloads: describing more than one guided notes ch 2.docx
Tuesday 9/15/2015
el 15 de sept

- Pkt. D, E, F, G

-Bingo Review Game for tomorrow's vocab. quiz

-Study for quiz tomorrow!!

Monday 9/14/2015
el 14 de sept

-Presentation of Palbras 2 Vocab. pgs. 46-47

-p. 48 

A-copy & complete

B-Answer in complete sentences

C-answer in complete sentences

D- verbalmente en parejas (see pg. 46 for courses in each subject)

Friday 9/11/2015
el 11 de sept

-Review Palabras 1 of ch. 2 pg.s 42-43, drill & repeat verbally

-Ch. 2 workbook packets: A-complete sentences

                                      B-complete sentences

                                     C- complete the questions with the correct question word

*********Use the presentations pages 42 & 43 for ALL pkt. activities A,B,C

-Self-grade pkt. activities

Thursday 9/10/2015
el 10 de sept

12- 15 apuntes del documentario "Barcelona y Cataluna"

Wednesday 9/9/2015
el 9 de septiembre

- Ch. 2 Palabras 1 Vocabulary presenation

- p. 43 A & B verbally

-Magic Squares

Downloads: bv1ch2 magic squares 1.pdf
Tuesday 9/8/2015
el 8 de septiembre

-Ch. 2 Vocabulary list, p. 68

          For all terms:


          -Copy correctly

          -Define per the textbook Buen Viaje definitions only

Full credit only to 100% of the terms correctly copied & defined as stated, no partial credit

Half credit for any not correctly and completely done by Wed. upon arrival


Friday 9/4/2015
el 4 de sept

Ch. 1 Cumulative Test- (make-ups Tuesday during class) 

-Check off Ch. 1 EX. CRDT. -only those present for test may turn in EX. CRD.
























Thursday 9/3/2015
el 3 de sept

P. 35 Conexiones: Las ciencias sociales

La geografía


1) Round robin read.

2) Show your work: Copy & define 3 terms within the text that you looked up to aid in your comprehension *NOT footnotes

3) “Depués de leer” – comprehension activities

        To be completed on your own sheet of paper:

        A- Copy & complete

        B-Define the geographical terms given

4) List 4 more geographical features in the AZ, theU.S or the world.  You may use the maps on pgs. 463-465.

For example: el río Nile, las montañas Rocky, etc…


Complete ch. 1 wkbk pkt to turn in today.

                   Be sure that you address ALL SIX descriptions about yourself as listed in the writing prompt for the "AUTOBIOGRAFIA"- on the last page of the packet


Downloads: conexiones small group instructions.docx
Wednesday 9/2/2015
el 2 de septiembre

-Ch. 1 Test Study Guide

            Finish & turn in today


***Ch 1 Test Friday, must be present for test to turn in ch. 1 extra credit

Tuesday 9/1/2015
el 1 de sept

-Ch. 1 Study Guide (attatched)

Downloads: repaso_ch1.doc
Monday 8/31/2015
el 31 de ago

-p. 28 Coversacion: Read 2x, translate title, copy & define 3 terms you looked up to assist in your comprehension, copy & answer questions in complete sentences

-p. 30-31 Lecturas Culturales: El Quijote

Read 2x, copy & define 3 terms you looked up to aid in your comprehension, A-copy & complete, B-list 5 cognates in reading

-HW: Complete ch. 1 extra credit, checked off Wed.-day of Ch. 1 TEST, (must be present to earn extra credit)

Friday 8/28/2015
el 28 de ago

-p. 26 A-C verbalmente en parejas

-Ser wksht (attatched) see p.25 for assistance

-Pkt: Estructura F, G, H

Downloads: ser singluar practice wksht.docx | ser singluar practice wksht1.docx
Thursday 8/27/2015
el 27 de ago

-Adjs wksht (attatched)

-Ser Ppt & notes (attatched)

-Como eres communicative activity (attatched)

Downloads: practice_with_adjectives.doc | communicative_activity_como_eres_tu.doc
Wednesday 8/26/2015
el 26 de ago

-Definite Articles wkshts

-Adjectives lesson p. 23

-p. 24 Adjectives verbal activity p. 24 A

Downloads: practice_with_articles ch1.doc | practice_with_articles ch11.doc
Tuesday 8/25/2015
el 25 de ago

-Ch. 1 Vocabulary Quiz

-Definite & Inefinite Articles lesson p. 22

-Activities A, B, C verbally in pairs p. 22-23

-Whiteboard assessment with articles

Monday 8/24/2015
el 24 de ago

-Self-grade ch. 1 wkbk. pkts. A-J

-Ch. 1 Vocab. review bingo

-ch. 1 vocab. quiz tomorrow

Friday 8/21/2015
el 21 de ago

-Palbras 2 Pkt. G-J

-Ch. 1 Crossword, find the Spanish equivalent of the words listed in ENG- due Monday

Thursday 8/20/2015
el 20 de ago

-Magic Squares vocab. wksht

-Finish Palabras 1 Workbook packet activities A-D

-Present Palabras 1 Vocab. p.18-19

- P. 20 A verbalmente en parejas

Downloads: bv 1 magic squares ch 1.pdf
Wednesday 8/19/2015
el 19 de ago

-Palabras 1 (p. 14-15) Ppt & Guided Notes- see attatched Ppt & notes

-Ch. 1 Workbook Packet : Complete Palabras 1 activities A-F

Downloads: ch 1 palabras 1 ppt guided notes.docx | palabras 1 ppt.pptx
Tuesday 8/18/2015
el 18 de agosto

-Present Palabras 1 Chapter 1 pgs. 14-15

-Verbal, pair practice p. 16

HW: 7-10 min. Palabras 1 vocab. study

**Extra credit flashcards-due day of chapter test.

Monday 8/17/2015
el 17 de agosto

-Ch.1 Vocabulary List p. 38

          Number, copy & define all terms

-HW: Make extra credit flash cards with voc. terms, do it early on in chapter!  Due day of chapter 1 test.

Friday 8/14/2015
el 14 de agosto

-Numbers verbal

-Self- grade Preliminary Chapter Vocab. Quizzes from yesterday


Thursday 8/13/2015
el 13 de agosto

-Verbal review of dates, days, numbers

-Finish calendars & turn in  (attatched is the checklist for the calendar)

-Preliminary Vocabulary Quiz

Downloads: mi calendario check list.docx
Wednesday 8/12/2015
el 12 de agosto

-Days of the Week/Dias de la semana song

-Verbal: Months, numbers, "Mi cumpleanos es el______ de _______."

-Days, months, dates, seasons wksht

-Calendario Project

Tuesday 8/11/2015
11 de agosto

-Finish El calendario Ppt & notes (see yesterday's agenda for attatchemnt of Ppt file)

-Verbal practice : asking/telling date, months, seasons, numbers

-Preliminary vocab. quiz Thursday

Monday 8/10/2015
10 de agosto

-Finish goodbyes & courtesy words p. 5 & 6

-Ppt "El calendario" & guided notes to be filled in (see attatched Ppt & guided notes) through slide #5

-Verbally practice ordering with courtesy words, days of the week song & asking/answering "What is today?", "What is tomorrow?'

-Preliminary chapter vocab. quiz -Thursday

Friday 8/7/2015
7 de agosto

-Greetings youtube video on "Basic conversations-Greetings & Goodbyes"

-p. 2-5 in texbook: read aloud as class & practice formal & informal greeetings, goodbyes, titles

-Conversation wksht. (see attatched)

Thursday 8/6/2015
6 de agosto

-Finish classroom commands in SPA notes (see yesterday's agenda for attatched Ppt)

-Preliminary chapter Vocabulary list p. 11: number, copy & define all terms per the BV definitions, full heading

                          - Due tomorrow at start of class

-Textbook covers, class materials & signed syllabai due tomorrow


Wednesday 8/5/2015
Aug 5

-Command Notes 4-10 (see attatched Ppt)

-Assign seats

-Country Flag papers

-Command practice as class & in pairs

-Due FRI: syllabus signed, covered textbook, all class materials

Downloads: los mandatos de la clase de espanol ppt.pptx
Tuesday 8/4/2015
4 de agosto


Monday 8/3/2015
Aug 3

- Class policies prodecudres (syllabus attatched)

-Ice breaker

-Due Fri- signed syllabus, class materials, covered textbook

Downloads: spanish syllabus 2015-1016.docx