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Spanish I, II, III

Maestra Ceseña, Rm. 412
Email:, Telephone: (928) 634-7531 ext. 4412
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Welcome to Spanish! Did you know speaking a foreign language improves the functionality of your brain by challenging it to recognize, negotiate meaning, and communicate in different language systems? This skill boosts your ability to negotiate meaning in other problem-solving tasks as well!

Language classes are often different from others because it is essential for you to be involved and fully engaged in the many aspects of language learning.  You can be successful if you partake in all the class activities, giving true effort and KNOWING YOUR VOCABULARY.

Textbook: Buen Viaje by Glencoe-Hill
Materials: Bring to class every day.
 2 Dry erase markers  3 Ring binder
Dividers for 3 ring binder Notebook paper (loose)
Pencils    Red pens
Workbook packet  Syllabus
Flag Partner sheet
Mingus Academic Planner (this is your bathroom pass)

Classwork:  There are 3 sections to each chapter: vocabulary, grammar, and culture. We will have vocabulary lists, workbook packets, listening and video activities, and take notes. As much as possible we will venture outside the text book using projects, art assignments, music newspaper/magazines, and other resources. 

Bell Work: Daily bell work is collected five minutes after the bell rings.  There is no credit for bell work turned in after that time.  There is no make-up for late students.  Excused absences will be exempt from bell work.

Homework: Expect homework four nights a week.  Generally there will be a chapter vocabulary list (vitally important to your success in this class!) and several worksheets.  If you happen to finish homework in class during time provided there is still always something you can do at home to ensure your success including studying your vocabulary, practicing verbs forms and visiting the Spanish learning websites provided.  There is a requirements of 7-10 minutes of vocabulary study everyday that will be directly reflected in your grade.

Quizzes/Tests: Quizzes will be given once to twice a week. Chapter tests will be given approximately once every two to three weeks.  Assessments may include listening and speaking sections.

Late/Make-up Work:  You will have one day for every day of school missed to make up assignments.  It is YOUR responsibility to turn it in within this timeframe.  Half credit will be earned for work turned in 1 day late on most assignments. No credit may be earned after that time.   Exams will be made up Wednesday’s at lunch.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a make up time with me the day they return.    Students absent due to school related activities are responsible for getting all assignments and making up exams before the day of the absence.  After a school related absence no assignments or tests may be made up.   No credit may be earned if your absence is unexcused.  Please visit & copy the daily agenda posted on my class website: before you come to me with questions.

Participation Grade: The participation grade is based on your active participation in all aspects of class and effort as well as punctuality and preparedness each class.  These are free points for doing what you should already be doing! 

Cheating:  The grade of zero will be given to anyone who is caught cheating or has the same answers on an individual assignment or has used a translating program. 

Tips on being successful in a foreign language class:
? Practice your vocabulary every night. (Flashcards 7-10 min.)
? Do your homework.
? Actively participate in class exercises.
? Study vocabulary each day!
? Train your ear by listening to Spanish music or watch Spanish TV or movies.
? Practice with Spanish speakers whenever the opportunity arises.
? Visit websites for Spanish learners,
? Allow yourself to make mistakes. 
? Study your vocabulary ?

Extra Credit:  Students will have up to 5 extra credit opportunities for most chapters we study.  They may:
1. Buen Viaje quiz on website (3 pts.)
2. Buen Viaje game on website (3pts.)

3. & 4. Two grammar activities from the website (3 pts. each)
5) Flashcards with the chapter vocabulary list (10 pts.) 

All extra credit will be checked off the day of the chapter test.  Only students present for tests may turn in extra credit. 

Extra credit websites

-Buen Viaje (choose the appropriate level) ©2000 
- Game & Quizzes for chapter

-Choose current grammar topic being studied for the chapter