Students present the day of the chapter test may:

 Have an opoortunity of completing a minimum of 3  extra credit options worth a toal of 16 points for each chapter of study students .  These opportunities will be checked off the day of the Chapter test during your class period only.  Website activities may be emailed to me or printed out and brought to class.

1 Complete flashcards with the chapter vocabulary list (on index cards only). 10 pts

2 & 3 Complete 2 grammar activities from (must be grammar concepts currently being studied. 3 pts each

**Additional opportunities may arise throughout each unit of study during the year. 

Friday 8/2/2013
Classroom supplies one time extra credit

Extra Credit Supplies for Spanish Class                                                         DUE:Friday, August 24, 2018

1.Pencils                               2.Red pens               

3.Tissue                                 4. Antibacterial cleaning wipes

You may bring up to 5 items; cleaning wipes 3 pts, all others 2 pts each.

This is the only opportunity for this extra credit!